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About TalentConnect

Introducing TalentConnect, the premier online Talent Acquisition platform by the Government of Rajasthan. Our user-friendly platform connects startups, job seekers, corporates, and academia efficiently. Simplify talent acquisition with job listings, resume database access, communication tools, corporate projects for startups, and advanced analytics.

Empower employers to track and manage the process while enabling job seekers to showcase skills and connect seamlessly. Join us to revolutionize the job market and secure the perfect opportunity. Discover a comprehensive suite of services designed for a simplified recruitment experience.

Project Modules and Stakeholder Interactions

The TalentConnect will be structured into several modules, each designed to cater to the specific needs and interactions of the different stakeholders. Here's a breakdown of the modules and the interactions that stakeholders will be performing:

Startup Module

Job Seeker Module

Academia Module

Corporate Module

Recruitment Agency Module